Cleaning Hack: How To Clean a Stained Toilet

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Ever found yourself relentlessly scrubbing the toilet bowl, but not making any progress? Well, your elbow grease is not to blame. You probably just have a stained toilet bowl. Fortunately, the right cleaning products paired with the right cleaning method can remove toilet stains. Read on to learn how to clean a stained toilet.

What Actually Causes Toilet Bowl Stains?

Before we dive into how to remove the toilet bowl stains, we need to distinguish what caused the stains. This will guide how we will clean the stains.

Calcium Build-up: Yellow stains are more often than not limescale formations. These stains are caused by hard water, wherein minerals accumulate over time; to the point where they become visible in the toilet bowl as a stain. These minerals can cause further damage by accumulating in your pipes, causing a toilet block.

Rust Stains: If your toilet bowl is stained red or dark brown, the most likely culprit is rust. This may be caused by pipe corrosion. It may even be the result of iron in the water, which will react with oxygen to create iron oxide.

Mould Stains: Mould stains are hard to miss. They leave both unpleasant visuals and unpleasant smells. Mould stains are evidenced by black or dark green spots, and a musky, damp smell in the bathroom. It’s important to be prompt when removing mould stains, as mould can quickly multiply, and it is harmful to inhale.

Blue Stains: Blue stains are typical with highly acidic water that is rich in copper. Once removing the stain, blue stains can come back fairly easily, but fortunately, regular, routine toilet cleaning can prevent it.

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How To Clean a Stained Toilet

Fortunately, cleaning a stained toilet is very achievable these days. You just need to be using the right product, then you’re good to go. Plenty of products are available that have been engineered to target tough stains and remove them.

Organic Acid Formula: Enzyme Wizard Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner: This toilet cleaner contains a concentrated and organic acid formula that swiftly and safely removes hard water and other calcium deposits from toilet bowl surfaces, including porcelain and stainless steel surfaces. It can even be applied to other surfaces like glass, showers, and baths.

Environmentally Preferable: Agar Sequal Toilet Bowl and Urinal Cleaner 5L: This powerful toilet cleaner is a thickened product that clings to vertical surfaces. The unique, high viscosity formula dissolves rust, but will not harm stainless steel, even after long periods of exposure. Better yet, this product has been specifically formulated to be environmentally preferable.

Versatile Probiotic Cleaner: Pro Blue Total Bathroom Cleaner: This probiotic cleaner is formulated with bacteria to provide enhanced cleaning power that continues to work long after you finish cleaning. This versatile bathroom cleaner is perfect for removing toilet bowl stains and other stains in the bathroom. It is packed with gentle organic food acids and 3 different stain digesting enzymes. The formula’s food-grade citric acid effectively targets the removal of rust and mineral scale, as well as soap scum.

Fresh Lavender Fragrance: Tasman Bowline Toilet Washroom Cleaner: This highly concentrated citrus-based, all-natural acid cleaner is designed for use as a general toilet cleaner and scale remover, for toilet bowl stains and for general bathroom cleaning. It is formulated on safe organic acids and non-ionic surfactants, a combination that has proven to be the least corrosive to all metal yet gives excellent performance.

Don’t Forget a Quality Toilet Cleaning Brush

Once you have your toilet cleaning solution, you just need to pair it with the right toilet cleaning brush. Geelong offers a well-rounded range of toilet brush products that get the job done.

allets online, how to clean toilet bowl stains, clean toilet

How To Keep the Toilet Bowl Clean – After Cleaning

Once you have removed the toilet bowl stains and cleaned the toilet, there are a few things you can do to prevent further stains from occurring. Regular cleaning is one way to stop stains from developing. Another way to prevent staining in between toilet cleaning is to use in-cistern toilet cleaners. Sweet Lu Blue Toilet Cleaner is a good option. This long-lasting commercial sanitiser will last up to 3 months and releases a fresh pine scent with every flush.

The Right Cleaning Product Will Remove Tough Toilet Bowl Stains

When you are armed with the right toilet cleaning product, removing tough toilet bowl stains can be done with ease. At Allets Online, we love helping to make the tough cleaning jobs easy, by connecting our customers with quality cleaning products that work. If you have any questions about our product range, be sure to contact our helpful team.