What’s The Difference Between Commercial Grade & Domestic Grade Cleaning Products?

When it comes to keeping your business clean, store-bought often won’t cut it. Domestic and commercial cleaning products are designed to handle very different jobs. Because of highly resistant strains of bacteria commonly found in workplaces, it takes a particular type of cleaning product to ensure an actual sanitary environment. 

The reputation of your business can take a massive hit if the correct cleaning products aren’t being used. Depending on the industry you’re in, your workplace can see tens to hundreds of people each day. Every one of those people could be bringing unknown bacteria and germs with them. 

No matter how much you try to prevent the spread of bacteria, chances are, it will make its way into your workspace. What’s important is making sure you’re using the proper cleaning and disinfecting products to kill all dangerous germs and ensure the safety of your staff and customers. 



The Main Differences Between Commercial & Domestic Products

When you pick up a bottle of multi-purpose cleaner that says it can kill 99% of bacteria, that stat may be misleading you.

Commercial and domestic cleaning products adhere to different sets of standards. Household disinfectants meet lower government standards, while commercial products must adhere to TGA regulations. So while a store bought formula may be able to kill most of the harmful bacteria within your home, it may not cut it when it comes to removing the grime created by a heavily populated workspace. 

There are domestic products which meet TGA standards; however, they are still often not as powerful as their commercial counterparts. Commercial cleaners & disinfectants are designed to eradicate stronger bacteria and tougher grime build-ups. 


The Scale Of The Job

The most significant difference between commercial and domestic cleaning products is the environment they’re designed to clean. Domestic products are chemically engineered to manage the demands of household sanitation. Germ build-up is only caused by a small number of tenants, whereas commercial cleaning products need to cut through grime and bacteria spread by potentially hundreds (or thousands) of customers each day.

While the option of professional services is available, domestic cleaning can be comfortably done by the tenants. To ensure a safe work environment, commercial cleaning products and services are essential. 



Will Home Cleaning Products Work In The Office?

The germs in an office are often ‘super-charged’ and extremely resistant to cleaning products. A high-traffic business means a smorgasbord of bacteria is being spread. Higher bacterial levels mean there’s also more of a chance that highly-resistant cells get spread. 

Domestic cleaning products are created under specific consumer safety standards. Consequently, they may not be strong enough to eliminate all germs in your workplace. 


Commercial Suppliers

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