Cleaning Hack: How To Get Wet Smell Out Of Carpet

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Dealing with a wet carpet can be tricky. The functionality of the room is dramatically reduced, you need to figure out how to dry the carpet, and the smell… is quite unpleasant. Regardless of how you encountered water damage; whether it was a leak, flood or blocked drainage system, you’ll likely be victim to the musty, mouldy, wet carpet smell. Not only is this smell unpleasant, it’s also a blaring sign that your carpet needs a good clean. Read on to learn how to get rid of wet carpet smell. 


Dry The Carpet

The first step to take when cleaning wet carpet is to dry it as best you can. By using a wet vacuum cleaner, you can suck up a significant portion of water from the carpet. If you have lodged an insurance claim, you will potentially be recommended to use commercial grade dehumidifying fans. These fans are positioned near the affected area (for example, directed at the wet carpet from outside the room). While they can make your space fairly hot and are unforgivingly loud machines, they are recommended for carpet that has suffered extensive water damage. By drying out the carpet, you can help prevent mould and bacteria growth. 


Clean The Carpet

Once you’ve done the hard stuff, it’s time to clean the carpet with a high-quality carpet cleaner. By supplementing drying your carpet with a quality carpet cleaning product, you’ll be able to reduce the smell and remove any dirt or mould. Here are some of our recommendations:


General Carpet Shampoo: Enzyme Wizard Carpet Shampoo

This carpet shampoo is a great all rounder. It’s soap free, destroys all organic matter, removes stains and works quickly. Importantly, it also eliminates odours and can be used in tandem with  carpet washing machines. 

commercial carpet cleaning, cleaning hack, How To Get Wet Smell Out Of Carpet, Enzyme Wizard Carpet Shampoo, allets online


Removes Deep, Tough Stains: Enzyme Wizard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This carpet cleaner from Enzyme keeps on working after application. It eliminates odours, and can be used to treat tough stains, like ink, dirt and grime, pet stains, and general food stains. The Enzyme Wizard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner has a rapid penetrating action that gets deep down into the fibres of the carpet to loosen the debris, which helps to eliminate the source of odours. Plus, if you suffered any damage to your furniture, it can be used on upholstery too. 


Encapsulation Cleaner: Agar Cap It Off Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner 5L

This carpet cleaning product is an encapsulation cleaner. It can be used on both carpet and upholstery. This carpet cleaner encapsulates soils, so they can be removed by vacuuming when dry. Carpet encapsulation is made possible by a chemical being worked into the carpet with a mechanical action. The soil or dirt is then enclosed (encapsulated) in a crystal onto the carpet fibres. These crystals are then easily removed from the fibres by vacuuming. The science of encapsulation is the crystalline polymers that are added in addition to the detergents.


Mould Killing & Biodegradable: Agar Everfresh Carpet Deodoriser 5L

This mould killing carpet cleaner from Agar is highly effective in eliminating a range of bad carpet smells, such as spillages, smoke, spoiled food and of course, water leaks. It’s a biodegradable carpet cleaner that contains no cationics or alkalis, and has a pH below 9. It is therefore ideal for use on stain-resistant carpets where ordinary deodorisers cannot be used. 

Agar Exit Carpet Detergent, carpet cleaner, How To Get Wet Smell Out Of Carpet


Improve Look & Feel Of Carpet: Agar Exit Carpet Detergent

The Agar Exit Carpet Detergent expels wet carpet smell, leaving a fresh fragrance behind. This premium liquid detergent contains fast reacting cleaning agents for single-pass, hot water extraction carpet cleaning. It’s therefore used when added to the tank of a carpet hot-water extraction machine. It’s a great carpet cleaning product if you’re looking to eliminate odours and dirt, as well as brighten the colours of your carpet. 


Shop Now To Alleviate Your Wet Carpet Smells

The wet carpet smell is never pleasant. However, with the right care and cleaning, you can restore your carpet to be as good as new. At Allets Online, we stock a broad range of carpet cleaning products designed to fit any carpet cleaning needs. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about our product range