4 Specific Brushes That Make Cleaning More Efficient

Geelong Shutter Brush

We’ve all been there before. Whether you’re trying to get your property ready to sell, at the end of your rental lease or simple (but dauntingly) having your mother over for dinner – there will come a time in your life when you are faced with the inevitable question… “How can I achieve a professional-level clean at home?” Well, Allets Online’s efficient cleaning brushes may be the answer you’re looking for.  

Professional cleaning is expensive. Rightfully so, commercial cleaners are experts in what they do. That being said, there is nothing that they know, that you can’t learn yourself with the right tools and tips to get you started.

If you’re reading this thinking, “That’s me!” then read on to learn more about four specific brushes that make cleaning more efficient and start your cleaning journey today!

Geelong Rim Toilet Set

Nobody ENJOYS cleaning their toilet, but it must be done regularly to achieve that “professional cleaner” feeling at home. Our advice? Ditch your regular old brush, and get yourself something that can get into all those hard-to-reach places. Something like the Geelong Rim Toilet Set or the Geelong Long Reach Brush Kit will do the trick.

In particular, the Geelong Rim Toilet Set is an excellent choice as it allows you to clean under the rim of the toilet seat without really thinking about or looking at that part of the loo. We’re sure that almost anyone would appreciate a quicker, more straightforward toilet-cleaning experience. Correct?

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Geelong Blind & Shutter Brush

What about that pesky blind and shutter dust? It’s the kind of thing that you don’t realise needs to be cleaned until your allergies start playing up and you realise just how much dust is hiding around the home. Gone are the days of precariously running over your blinds with a cloth as you try to hold them in place. Geelong’s Blind & Shutter Brush is purpose-built for cleaning your blinds with ease. This innovative and simple design has become one of the most efficient cleaning brushes that we’ve seen.

Its double-sided microfibre cloths and 3-prong style design allows you to get in between each blind or shutter, cleaning both sides as you go. Plus, the microfibre cloth is removable, making it easy to wash and continue using for many cleans to come. What was once a timely, tedious task can now be a fun, simple part of your cleaning routine.

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Edco Dustpan & Brush Set

Now, a blog about efficiency-boosting tools could not possibly be complete without tipping our hats to the humble dustpan and brush. In this case, we’ve chosen to highlight the Edco Dustpan & Brush Set as it is a durable, premium plastic brush set. The rubber lip allows for close contact with the cleaning surface, and it comes in four different colours to match your existing colour pallet. If you’re in the market for the best basic dustpan and brush, you can’t go past this one.

Dustpan and brushes come in many different shapes and sizes, and we’d recommend looking further into our range to find the best option for you.

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Geelong Extra Heavy Duty Broom Soft Sweep

Last but not least, a good broom goes a lot further than you may realise. Brooms come in many shapes and sizes too, and it’s essential to choose one that’ll suit your needs. You may be looking to sweep outdoor areas, decks, or inside and all will be made more efficient with the appropriate broom choice.

In this case, we’re going to talk about smooth surfaces (so we’re talking about polished floorboards, tiles, lino, etc.). The Geelong Extra Heavy Duty Broom Soft Sweep is a great all-rounder for these types of floors. It is a more premium broom head, but it comes with all the bells and whistles you didn’t realise you wanted in a broom, such as red PET soft bristles, that will help pick up the finer dirt and dust particles an ordinary broom won’t collect.

If you feel like you’re getting nowhere when you sweep the house, it might be time to determine whether the tool you’re using is the right one for the job. Simple, right?

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Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, and with Allets Online, you can achieve what feels like a professional clean without having to pay a commercial cleaner to do it for you. We pride ourselves on stocking premium products, that often aren’t available in Australia, without the premium price tag. Furthermore, our products are available to anyone – not just those with a wholesale account. Our efficient cleaning brushes are a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Head on over to our products range to see what else we’ve got to offer or contact us now to find out more about our exclusive inventory.

7 Benefits Of Cleaning With Microfibre Cloths

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With the growing push for more environmentally-friendly cleaning products, microfibre cloths have become the go-to cleaning product for many cleaners. This advanced, extremely fine cloth needs just a dash of warm water to get some astonishing cleaning results. 

In short, microfibre cloths allow you to clean more with less effort and fewer chemicals. They can be washed and reused hundreds of times before they even start to deteriorate. Microfibre cleaning equipment has become a massive phenomenon in Europe, but is still growing in Australia. 

You’ve likely already used a microfibre cloth at some point to clean your glasses and maybe your car. But, microfibre technology gives you the ability to get the same or better cleaning results with significantly less exposure to chemicals while reducing pollution.

Here are 7 must-know reasons why you should be using microfibre surface cloths. 

What is Microfibre

As the name suggests, microfibre is made from millions of tiny filaments. These fibres are 100 times smaller than the ends of our hair and super compact, so they have a much higher cleaning surface area than cotton or wool surface wipes. 

This material is made of polyester and nylon, making it super absorbent. It also creates and stores a small static charge that attracts dust, lint and other particles. The super-fine fibres hook and trap particles and bacteria cells into the fabric. Amazingly, it allows you to lift grease, dirt and oil with little more than water. 

Why You Should Use Microfibre Surface Cloths

The benefits of using a microfibre cloth are enormous! Of course, we would weigh the pros and cons for you, but there is really no downside to having some of these items at your disposal. 

Cleaning with microfibre cloth: 

  • Saves you money as you can use them hundreds of times. 
  • Protects the environment because it needs fewer chemicals than other surface wipes.
  • Removes 99% of bacteria using only water.  

Microfibre Cloths Needs Little More Than Water To Give An Amazing Clean 

Microfibre is becoming increasingly popular with people who are interested in green cleaning. This is because the surface of a microfibre cloth can reach into the areas that regular cloth cannot, removing hard-to-reach dust and bacteria without the help of chemicals. 

Microfibre Cloths Reduce Pollution Caused By Cleaning Chemicals 

Chemical runoff and waste create significant levels of pollution each year. For a comprehensive clean with a microfibre cloth, all you need to do is dampen it with water, and the fibres will do the rest of the work. 

microfibre cloth, bathroom cleaning, Allets Online

Microfibre Cloths Give A Much Better Clean Than Standard Cloths 

When you clean with a cotton or wool cloth, a lot of the time, you are just smearing pathogens and particles over the surface instead of removing them. Microfibre has a vast surface area, which means there’s significantly less scrubbing involved and you’re getting a cleaner surface. 

Microfibre Cloths Are A Must For People With Allergies 

Microfibre cloths are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for people with asthma or allergies. Regular cleaning cloths often scatter or rearrange dust on a surface. Microfibre actually attracts fine dust particles to it, so you know you’re trapping the cells. Because of the current, the particles won’t end up back in the air. People with allergies are less likely to suffer from irritation when cleaning or being in the room because dust isn’t being disturbed.  

No Streaks Or Marks With Microfibre Cloths

Are streak marks your bane? Scrubbing glass or mirrors with standard cloths can leave ugly stains behind or annoying pieces of lint from the fabric itself. Microfibre cloths give you a streak-free shine with each wipe. It does not leave a residue and picks up significantly more dirt within the fibres.

microfibre cloth, streak free cleaning, Allets Online cleaning products

Microfibre Cloths Battle Bacteria Without Harsh Chemicals 

Microfibres are small enough to successfully scoop up bacteria and virus cells and trap them within their vast surface area. Many chemicals advertise the percentage of bacteria that it kills. Microfibre doesn’t kill bacteria the same way chemical cleaners do; however, it does pick up pathogens, fungi and viruses inside its fibres.  

This material has been proven to remove 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses from a surface using only water. If you’d prefer to use a detergent, disinfectant or bleach-free non-toxic chemical cleansers, these products can be effectively used with microfibre cloths. 

Microfibre Cloths Are Brand New After A Spin In The Washing Machine 

To clean your microfibre cloth, it’s as easy as putting it in the washing machine at the end of the day and giving it a good cycle. Even rinsing it with hot water and soap will kill most pathogens within the fabric. 

Want To Start Cleaning With Microfibre Cloths? 

Not all microfibre cloths are made equal. Some suppliers meet the minimal requirements. Allets Online supplies heavy-duty, durable microfibre cloths that will last for hundreds of cleans. We’re a Brisbane based cleaning company that can deliver great supplies Australia-wide. Place an order online today or get in touch with our expert team with any questions you may have.