Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Disposable Gloves


The disposable glove is synonymous with the uniform of cleaners, janitors, nurses and all other industries that prioritise protection from contamination and chemicals. They offer valuable protection from chemical and biological contaminants and in doing so, reduce the spread of infection to protect people in the nearby area.

When it comes to disposable gloves, people are traditionally met with two realistic options: Latex and PVC gloves. That was until both of their strengths were combined and their weaknesses discarded to create Hybrid Disposable Gloves

If you work in the janitorial industry or in a food-handling service, read this blog to weigh up the options of all three gloves to decide which is best for your practice. 


Vinyl Gloves 

Specialised for short-term use and moderate protection from chemicals and biological contaminants, vinyl gloves are often seen as a cost-effective alternative to latex. Vinyl gloves are made from PVC, aka polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the most widely produced synthetic polymers. They are extremely affordable and also a great alternative for people with latex allergies.

Despite being more affordable, vinyl gloves are less durable than other market options and offer more limited chemical or bacterial resistance. They are popular for food and preparation workplaces, as well as for basic protection. These disposable gloves utilise cornstarch powder to make it easier to put them on and off. This powder may irritate the skin of people with corn intolerances. Corn allergies are uncommon, however, reactions can be immediate. 

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Latex Gloves

Designed for high-quality protection from biological contamination, latex gloves offer a superior defensive solution compared to PVC gloves. They are puncture resistant and chemically resistant against most acids, bases, chlorine, iodine and formaldehyde. Nonetheless, latex gloves are the leading cause of glove related irritation and allergic reactions compared to other popular materials like PVC gloves and nitrile gloves. Because of this, latex gloves are gradually being phased out of medical industries and are advised against in food handling industries. 

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Hybrid Disposable Gloves 

Frequently used as a high-quality, hypoallergenic glove solution, Hybrid Disposable Gloves are a new and innovative design that makes them the perfect replacement for latex or vinyl gloves. These gloves are designed for safe, long-lasting protection for janitorial and food handling tasks. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear as they are ambidextrous, and also protect against some mild irritants. 

Unlike PVC or latex gloves, hybrid gloves are PVC free, latex-free, phthalate-free (found in some plastic products), carcinogen-free, corn starch allergen-free, and FDA approved for use for food applications. 

They offer an excellent alternative to those who have latex sensitivities or allergies and are powder-free for those who are sensitive to powdered gloves. Their powder-free design also prevents the powder from gloves from sticking to skin, clothing or surfaces and causing contamination. 

Hybrid gloves offer a larger saving compared to latex or vinyl and are 100% recyclable, reducing environmental impact and making them eco-friendly.

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Allets Online is Australia’s chief supplier of the Stella Hybrid Disposable Glove, a new product that offers great protection from puncturing and biological contamination. If you want to maximise your protection and nullify allergy risk, these are the perfect solution for you. Order yours online today!

How To Choose Your Cleaning Supplies Partner


The price of cleaning supplies can sneak up on you when your annual cost evaluation arrives. You probably want to avoid the gut-wrenching feeling of noticing a hefty chunk of money being deducted from your bank because of avoidable mistakes. 

Whether you own a cleaning business or you’re a business/building owner, your cleaning supplies partner can save you a lot of headache and money in the long run.  

Here is how to choose your cleaning supplies partner. 


Find Your Source

Finding cleaning supplies is easy, but finding the right cleaning supplies can be more difficult. While your local grocery shop likely has a handy range of cleaning supplies, these are aimed at low-end domestic uses. Such inferior grade products are often not suitable for your commercial needs because they can’t provide the professional, deep clean you need. 

Janitorial distributors like Allets Online get their cleaning supplies and equipment for the best prices. These big commercial cleaning suppliers have a diverse range of products that suit the requirements of medical, industrial, commercial and residential level jobs. These distributors often offer competitive pricing and employ knowledgeable staff to provide valuable advice on the products you purchase.


Find A Product Range That Suits Your Needs

There’s no point in supporting a cleaning supplies partner that does not match your business’s requirements. You want to know your monthly/annual cleaning product requirements are being met. Your cleaning supplies partner needs to have ample stock of industry-standard cleaning products.


Price vs. Cost 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of always buying the item that initially costs the least. However, this mindset may be costing you in the long run. A good supplier will stock quality items that can help you maximise your price (what you pay upfront) vs cost (what you get from the item) equation. 

For example, a $10 indoor broom may cost less initially than a $34 industrial heavy brush, but that price difference quickly levels out when you consider how much faster the more expensive item is when cleaning a worksite. It’s also more durable and will last longer than the cheaper brush, saving you the cost of repurchase. 

Similar scenarios can be applied to a variety of chemicals and cleaning products too. Some providers may try to offer you “cheaper” products, but they substitute the quality for a lower price. A good cleaning supplies partner will offer good products that help you get the most out of your money. 

Before you go through with a purchase, a good janitorial supplies partner can help you decide which product is the most cost-effective in the long run. This brings us to our next point. 




Expert Advice 

A trustworthy, human customer service team is worth its weight in gold. Many suppliers in the industry have automated their assistance systems. Finding a provider with a helpful support team gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting professional assistance every step of the way and means you avoid annoying robotic conversations with a help program. 

Allets Online is proud to be Australian operated through and through. Our real assistance team can guide you through the purchase process and answer any questions you have about our products. If you want quality cleaning products and great service, make Allets Online your go-to cleaning supplies partner. Contact us today or just visit our website and one of our customer service members will get in touch with you in no time.