Australian First: Defendo Antibacterial Paper Now In Stock!


The Defendo Antibacterial Paper is an essential addition to your suite of cleaning products. The advanced antibacterial technology found in Eco Silver Paper’s range of Defendo products is unmatched. Defendo Antibacterial Paper is easily the cleanest paper towel available on the market. Uses varying from household, to commercial, to personal, this product is a must-have for anyone who takes hygiene seriously. 


How Defendo Antibacterial Paper Works

Defendo products utilise a silver-ion technology across their entire paper towel range. This creates a hygienic barrier that guarantees total protection. The silver-ions within the Defendo paper range continuously work to prevent the growth of microorganisms. 

This significantly reduces contamination from airborne contaminants on the surface of the paper. More specifically, it allows the Defendo products to ‘self sanitise’ when exposed to high touch volumes, without affecting the appearance or performance of the paper itself. As respiratory viruses are commonly transmitted when someone touches a contaminated surface, this makes the Defendo Antibacterial Paper an essential item for those who take hygiene and safety seriously. 

In contrast with antibiotics, microorganisms are unable to build up a resistance to silver-ion technology. As such, silver-ion technology continues to disrupt the growth of microorganisms by:

  • Preventing the growth of microorganisms by binding to their cell wall.
  • Stopping the microbe from producing energy by blocking enzyme production. 
  • Preventing DNA replication and new cell formation by disrupting the harmful cell’s DNA. 

Silver-ion technology dramatically reduces the risk of contamination in a diverse range of settings, including medical, hospitality and commercial to name a few. 




Key Benefits Of Defendo Antibacterial Paper 

The Defendo product line employs advanced antibacterial technology, so there are a number of unique key benefits consumers can expect from these reliable products. Defendo products are:

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial.
  • Highly absorbent and a strong antibacterial paper.
  • Certified for food contact – Defendo products are completely safe for use in the kitchen. The antibacterial paper is completely safe to use in contact with food, and is certified for food contact. 
  • Safe for contact with skin and are dermatologically tested. 
  • Available in a broad range of products, including kitchen towels, medical rolls, toilet paper and folded hand towels.   
  • Defend the user and the environment (as suggested by the brand name, ‘Eco Silver Paper’). All Defendo products are accredited by both the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 




Frequently Asked Questions


How Safe Is Silver-ion Technology?

Silver-ion technology is non-toxic and Phthalates free. It is based on antibacterial and antimicrobial technology that has been recognised for centuries as having no harmful effects and is used widely in medical, food and water applications.  


How Long Is The Antibiotic And Antimicrobial Treatment Effective For?

Defendo’s silver-ion technology is effective for the entire life of the product. This is because it is incorporated into the paper during the manufacturing process. It is therefore a part of the product and cannot be removed with any amount of wear and tear. Rather, it becomes an intrinsic element of the material. 


Defendo Is Now Stocked At Allets Online

Allets Online are proud to stock this technologically advanced product range. Disrupting and preventing the spread of harmful bacteria is increasingly pertinent. Keeping on top of hygiene is the best way to stay protected from potential infections and illnesses. The Defendo antibacterial paper products make this simple. Shop our range here, or contact our friendly team if you have any questions about our product range.