Cleaning Hack: How To Clean a Stained Toilet

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Ever found yourself relentlessly scrubbing the toilet bowl, but not making any progress? Well, your elbow grease is not to blame. You probably just have a stained toilet bowl. Fortunately, the right cleaning products paired with the right cleaning method can remove toilet stains. Read on to learn how to clean a stained toilet.

What Actually Causes Toilet Bowl Stains?

Before we dive into how to remove the toilet bowl stains, we need to distinguish what caused the stains. This will guide how we will clean the stains.

Calcium Build-up: Yellow stains are more often than not limescale formations. These stains are caused by hard water, wherein minerals accumulate over time; to the point where they become visible in the toilet bowl as a stain. These minerals can cause further damage by accumulating in your pipes, causing a toilet block.

Rust Stains: If your toilet bowl is stained red or dark brown, the most likely culprit is rust. This may be caused by pipe corrosion. It may even be the result of iron in the water, which will react with oxygen to create iron oxide.

Mould Stains: Mould stains are hard to miss. They leave both unpleasant visuals and unpleasant smells. Mould stains are evidenced by black or dark green spots, and a musky, damp smell in the bathroom. It’s important to be prompt when removing mould stains, as mould can quickly multiply, and it is harmful to inhale.

Blue Stains: Blue stains are typical with highly acidic water that is rich in copper. Once removing the stain, blue stains can come back fairly easily, but fortunately, regular, routine toilet cleaning can prevent it.

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How To Clean a Stained Toilet

Fortunately, cleaning a stained toilet is very achievable these days. You just need to be using the right product, then you’re good to go. Plenty of products are available that have been engineered to target tough stains and remove them.

Organic Acid Formula: Enzyme Wizard Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner: This toilet cleaner contains a concentrated and organic acid formula that swiftly and safely removes hard water and other calcium deposits from toilet bowl surfaces, including porcelain and stainless steel surfaces. It can even be applied to other surfaces like glass, showers, and baths.

Environmentally Preferable: Agar Sequal Toilet Bowl and Urinal Cleaner 5L: This powerful toilet cleaner is a thickened product that clings to vertical surfaces. The unique, high viscosity formula dissolves rust, but will not harm stainless steel, even after long periods of exposure. Better yet, this product has been specifically formulated to be environmentally preferable.

Versatile Probiotic Cleaner: Pro Blue Total Bathroom Cleaner: This probiotic cleaner is formulated with bacteria to provide enhanced cleaning power that continues to work long after you finish cleaning. This versatile bathroom cleaner is perfect for removing toilet bowl stains and other stains in the bathroom. It is packed with gentle organic food acids and 3 different stain digesting enzymes. The formula’s food-grade citric acid effectively targets the removal of rust and mineral scale, as well as soap scum.

Fresh Lavender Fragrance: Tasman Bowline Toilet Washroom Cleaner: This highly concentrated citrus-based, all-natural acid cleaner is designed for use as a general toilet cleaner and scale remover, for toilet bowl stains and for general bathroom cleaning. It is formulated on safe organic acids and non-ionic surfactants, a combination that has proven to be the least corrosive to all metal yet gives excellent performance.

Don’t Forget a Quality Toilet Cleaning Brush

Once you have your toilet cleaning solution, you just need to pair it with the right toilet cleaning brush. Geelong offers a well-rounded range of toilet brush products that get the job done.

allets online, how to clean toilet bowl stains, clean toilet

How To Keep the Toilet Bowl Clean – After Cleaning

Once you have removed the toilet bowl stains and cleaned the toilet, there are a few things you can do to prevent further stains from occurring. Regular cleaning is one way to stop stains from developing. Another way to prevent staining in between toilet cleaning is to use in-cistern toilet cleaners. Sweet Lu Blue Toilet Cleaner is a good option. This long-lasting commercial sanitiser will last up to 3 months and releases a fresh pine scent with every flush.

The Right Cleaning Product Will Remove Tough Toilet Bowl Stains

When you are armed with the right toilet cleaning product, removing tough toilet bowl stains can be done with ease. At Allets Online, we love helping to make the tough cleaning jobs easy, by connecting our customers with quality cleaning products that work. If you have any questions about our product range, be sure to contact our helpful team.

Cleaning Hack: How To Get Wet Smell Out Of Carpet

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Dealing with a wet carpet can be tricky. The functionality of the room is dramatically reduced, you need to figure out how to dry the carpet, and the smell… is quite unpleasant. Regardless of how you encountered water damage; whether it was a leak, flood or blocked drainage system, you’ll likely be victim to the musty, mouldy, wet carpet smell. Not only is this smell unpleasant, it’s also a blaring sign that your carpet needs a good clean. Read on to learn how to get rid of wet carpet smell. 


Dry The Carpet

The first step to take when cleaning wet carpet is to dry it as best you can. By using a wet vacuum cleaner, you can suck up a significant portion of water from the carpet. If you have lodged an insurance claim, you will potentially be recommended to use commercial grade dehumidifying fans. These fans are positioned near the affected area (for example, directed at the wet carpet from outside the room). While they can make your space fairly hot and are unforgivingly loud machines, they are recommended for carpet that has suffered extensive water damage. By drying out the carpet, you can help prevent mould and bacteria growth. 


Clean The Carpet

Once you’ve done the hard stuff, it’s time to clean the carpet with a high-quality carpet cleaner. By supplementing drying your carpet with a quality carpet cleaning product, you’ll be able to reduce the smell and remove any dirt or mould. Here are some of our recommendations:


General Carpet Shampoo: Enzyme Wizard Carpet Shampoo

This carpet shampoo is a great all rounder. It’s soap free, destroys all organic matter, removes stains and works quickly. Importantly, it also eliminates odours and can be used in tandem with  carpet washing machines. 

commercial carpet cleaning, cleaning hack, How To Get Wet Smell Out Of Carpet, Enzyme Wizard Carpet Shampoo, allets online


Removes Deep, Tough Stains: Enzyme Wizard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This carpet cleaner from Enzyme keeps on working after application. It eliminates odours, and can be used to treat tough stains, like ink, dirt and grime, pet stains, and general food stains. The Enzyme Wizard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner has a rapid penetrating action that gets deep down into the fibres of the carpet to loosen the debris, which helps to eliminate the source of odours. Plus, if you suffered any damage to your furniture, it can be used on upholstery too. 


Encapsulation Cleaner: Agar Cap It Off Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner 5L

This carpet cleaning product is an encapsulation cleaner. It can be used on both carpet and upholstery. This carpet cleaner encapsulates soils, so they can be removed by vacuuming when dry. Carpet encapsulation is made possible by a chemical being worked into the carpet with a mechanical action. The soil or dirt is then enclosed (encapsulated) in a crystal onto the carpet fibres. These crystals are then easily removed from the fibres by vacuuming. The science of encapsulation is the crystalline polymers that are added in addition to the detergents.


Mould Killing & Biodegradable: Agar Everfresh Carpet Deodoriser 5L

This mould killing carpet cleaner from Agar is highly effective in eliminating a range of bad carpet smells, such as spillages, smoke, spoiled food and of course, water leaks. It’s a biodegradable carpet cleaner that contains no cationics or alkalis, and has a pH below 9. It is therefore ideal for use on stain-resistant carpets where ordinary deodorisers cannot be used. 

Agar Exit Carpet Detergent, carpet cleaner, How To Get Wet Smell Out Of Carpet


Improve Look & Feel Of Carpet: Agar Exit Carpet Detergent

The Agar Exit Carpet Detergent expels wet carpet smell, leaving a fresh fragrance behind. This premium liquid detergent contains fast reacting cleaning agents for single-pass, hot water extraction carpet cleaning. It’s therefore used when added to the tank of a carpet hot-water extraction machine. It’s a great carpet cleaning product if you’re looking to eliminate odours and dirt, as well as brighten the colours of your carpet. 


Shop Now To Alleviate Your Wet Carpet Smells

The wet carpet smell is never pleasant. However, with the right care and cleaning, you can restore your carpet to be as good as new. At Allets Online, we stock a broad range of carpet cleaning products designed to fit any carpet cleaning needs. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about our product range

How Good Is Your Hand Hygiene?

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One of the easiest ways to avoid getting sick is frequent hand washing. With World Hygiene Day taking place earlier this month, this serves as a timely reminder to check your hand hygiene habits. Plus, as Australia makes its way into flu season, while suffering a fairly tumultuous COVID-19 vaccine roll out, maintaining good personal hygiene practices is all the more important. Read our blog for our top hand hygiene tips.


Wash Your Hands Properly

Proper hand washing habits go a long way in maintaining good hand hygiene. You’d be surprised to know how many of us aren’t washing our hands properly. Here’s a breakdown from Health Direct on how to wash your hands properly. 

Warm, soapy water is the best option for washing your hands when they are visibly dirty. Follow these simple tips on good hand hygiene.

To wash your hands:

  1. Wet hands with running water (preferably warm).
  2. Apply soap or liquid soap – enough to cover all of your hands. Normal soap is just as good as antibacterial soap.
  3. Rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Make sure you cover all surfaces, including the backs of your hands and in between your fingers.
  5. Rinse hands, making sure you remove all soap, and turn off the tap using a towel or paper towel.
  6. Dry your hands thoroughly with a clean hand towel or paper towel if you are in a public toilet (air dryers are not as sanitary as you think).

As well as washing our hands properly, there are plenty other ways we can maximise our hand hygiene. 

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Commercial Grade Hand Wash

Using a commercial grade hand wash isn’t just economical. It’s highly effective for those wanting to ensure proper hand hygiene. When using a commercial grade hand wash, you can rest assured your soap is doing the job perfectly. You can choose from a wide range of commercial grade hand washes with Allets Online, including soap free for those with sensitive skin, and antibacterial hand washes.   


Use Hand Sanitiser When On The Go

We don’t always have access to soap and water when we want to wash our hands. Getting off public transport, touching money or pushing a shopping cart are just a few examples of these times. That’s why hand sanitiser is such a great solution for on the go hand hygiene. Here’s how Health Direct recommends applying hand sanitiser:

To use hand sanitiser:

  1. Put about half a teaspoon of the product in the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub your hands together, covering all the surfaces of your hand, including between your fingers.
  3. Keep rubbing until your hands are dry (about 20 to 30 seconds).

It’s important to remember that hand sanitiser will not be effective when hands have visible dirt on them. 


Single-Use Hand Paper Towels

When it comes to our personal hygiene and avoiding illness, an important measure we can take is using single-use paper towels to dry our hands. By using a single-use paper towel, any leftover germs transferred to the towel after handwashing are discarded. 

A great option is the Defendo range of paper towels. Specifically, Defendo Multi Purpose Kitchen Towels are a convenient option for drying hands after hand washing. These paper towels are 99% antibacterial, are highly absorbent and are dermatologically tested. 

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Disinfect Surface Areas

To avoid transferring germs to your hands, keep your surface areas clean and disinfected. This is especially pertinent for high contact surfaces such as kitchen benches, bathroom vanities and office desks. Allets Online stock a wide range of disinfectant products, from commercial grade to hospital grade.


Wear Disposable Gloves

Sometimes the best option is to avoid any contact with unhygienic substances. This is particularly important in hospitality and hospital settings. Wearing disposable gloves is recommended when handling raw meat, before changing dirty nappies or cleaning up blood and other bodily fluids.

For those who have latex sensitivities/allergies or require powder-free gloves, Stella Hybrid Disposable Gloves are a great alternative. Unlike PVC or latex gloves, these hybrid gloves are PVC free, latex-free, phthalate-free (which is found in some plastic products), carcinogen-free, corn starch allergen-free, and FDA approved for use for food applications.


Sneeze Or Cough Into Your Elbow

We probably all know this by now, but coughing or sneezing into your hand isn’t ideal. It’s an easy way to spread germs to any surface area your hands come into contact with. Instead, sneeze or cough into your elbow for improved personal hygiene. 


Maintain Good Hand Hygiene With Allets Online

To avoid spreading germs and contracting illnesses, we need to wash our hands properly and maintain good hygiene practices. As we head into winter, it’s even more important that we stay on top of our hand hygiene. With Allets Online, keeping up good personal hygiene practices is made simple. We stock a wide range of cleaning products that can serve virtually any hygiene requirement. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about how our product range could help you. 

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Disposable Gloves


The disposable glove is synonymous with the uniform of cleaners, janitors, nurses and all other industries that prioritise protection from contamination and chemicals. They offer valuable protection from chemical and biological contaminants and in doing so, reduce the spread of infection to protect people in the nearby area.

When it comes to disposable gloves, people are traditionally met with two realistic options: Latex and PVC gloves. That was until both of their strengths were combined and their weaknesses discarded to create Hybrid Disposable Gloves

If you work in the janitorial industry or in a food-handling service, read this blog to weigh up the options of all three gloves to decide which is best for your practice. 


Vinyl Gloves 

Specialised for short-term use and moderate protection from chemicals and biological contaminants, vinyl gloves are often seen as a cost-effective alternative to latex. Vinyl gloves are made from PVC, aka polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the most widely produced synthetic polymers. They are extremely affordable and also a great alternative for people with latex allergies.

Despite being more affordable, vinyl gloves are less durable than other market options and offer more limited chemical or bacterial resistance. They are popular for food and preparation workplaces, as well as for basic protection. These disposable gloves utilise cornstarch powder to make it easier to put them on and off. This powder may irritate the skin of people with corn intolerances. Corn allergies are uncommon, however, reactions can be immediate. 

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Latex Gloves

Designed for high-quality protection from biological contamination, latex gloves offer a superior defensive solution compared to PVC gloves. They are puncture resistant and chemically resistant against most acids, bases, chlorine, iodine and formaldehyde. Nonetheless, latex gloves are the leading cause of glove related irritation and allergic reactions compared to other popular materials like PVC gloves and nitrile gloves. Because of this, latex gloves are gradually being phased out of medical industries and are advised against in food handling industries. 

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Hybrid Disposable Gloves 

Frequently used as a high-quality, hypoallergenic glove solution, Hybrid Disposable Gloves are a new and innovative design that makes them the perfect replacement for latex or vinyl gloves. These gloves are designed for safe, long-lasting protection for janitorial and food handling tasks. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear as they are ambidextrous, and also protect against some mild irritants. 

Unlike PVC or latex gloves, hybrid gloves are PVC free, latex-free, phthalate-free (found in some plastic products), carcinogen-free, corn starch allergen-free, and FDA approved for use for food applications. 

They offer an excellent alternative to those who have latex sensitivities or allergies and are powder-free for those who are sensitive to powdered gloves. Their powder-free design also prevents the powder from gloves from sticking to skin, clothing or surfaces and causing contamination. 

Hybrid gloves offer a larger saving compared to latex or vinyl and are 100% recyclable, reducing environmental impact and making them eco-friendly.

Hybrid-Disposable-Gloves allets online

Allets Online is Australia’s chief supplier of the Stella Hybrid Disposable Glove, a new product that offers great protection from puncturing and biological contamination. If you want to maximise your protection and nullify allergy risk, these are the perfect solution for you. Order yours online today!

How To Choose Your Cleaning Supplies Partner


The price of cleaning supplies can sneak up on you when your annual cost evaluation arrives. You probably want to avoid the gut-wrenching feeling of noticing a hefty chunk of money being deducted from your bank because of avoidable mistakes. 

Whether you own a cleaning business or you’re a business/building owner, your cleaning supplies partner can save you a lot of headache and money in the long run.  

Here is how to choose your cleaning supplies partner. 


Find Your Source

Finding cleaning supplies is easy, but finding the right cleaning supplies can be more difficult. While your local grocery shop likely has a handy range of cleaning supplies, these are aimed at low-end domestic uses. Such inferior grade products are often not suitable for your commercial needs because they can’t provide the professional, deep clean you need. 

Janitorial distributors like Allets Online get their cleaning supplies and equipment for the best prices. These big commercial cleaning suppliers have a diverse range of products that suit the requirements of medical, industrial, commercial and residential level jobs. These distributors often offer competitive pricing and employ knowledgeable staff to provide valuable advice on the products you purchase.


Find A Product Range That Suits Your Needs

There’s no point in supporting a cleaning supplies partner that does not match your business’s requirements. You want to know your monthly/annual cleaning product requirements are being met. Your cleaning supplies partner needs to have ample stock of industry-standard cleaning products.


Price vs. Cost 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of always buying the item that initially costs the least. However, this mindset may be costing you in the long run. A good supplier will stock quality items that can help you maximise your price (what you pay upfront) vs cost (what you get from the item) equation. 

For example, a $10 indoor broom may cost less initially than a $34 industrial heavy brush, but that price difference quickly levels out when you consider how much faster the more expensive item is when cleaning a worksite. It’s also more durable and will last longer than the cheaper brush, saving you the cost of repurchase. 

Similar scenarios can be applied to a variety of chemicals and cleaning products too. Some providers may try to offer you “cheaper” products, but they substitute the quality for a lower price. A good cleaning supplies partner will offer good products that help you get the most out of your money. 

Before you go through with a purchase, a good janitorial supplies partner can help you decide which product is the most cost-effective in the long run. This brings us to our next point. 




Expert Advice 

A trustworthy, human customer service team is worth its weight in gold. Many suppliers in the industry have automated their assistance systems. Finding a provider with a helpful support team gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting professional assistance every step of the way and means you avoid annoying robotic conversations with a help program. 

Allets Online is proud to be Australian operated through and through. Our real assistance team can guide you through the purchase process and answer any questions you have about our products. If you want quality cleaning products and great service, make Allets Online your go-to cleaning supplies partner. Contact us today or just visit our website and one of our customer service members will get in touch with you in no time. 

Australian First: Defendo Antibacterial Paper Now In Stock!


The Defendo Antibacterial Paper is an essential addition to your suite of cleaning products. The advanced antibacterial technology found in Eco Silver Paper’s range of Defendo products is unmatched. Defendo Antibacterial Paper is easily the cleanest paper towel available on the market. Uses varying from household, to commercial, to personal, this product is a must-have for anyone who takes hygiene seriously. 


How Defendo Antibacterial Paper Works

Defendo products utilise a silver-ion technology across their entire paper towel range. This creates a hygienic barrier that guarantees total protection. The silver-ions within the Defendo paper range continuously work to prevent the growth of microorganisms. 

This significantly reduces contamination from airborne contaminants on the surface of the paper. More specifically, it allows the Defendo products to ‘self sanitise’ when exposed to high touch volumes, without affecting the appearance or performance of the paper itself. As respiratory viruses are commonly transmitted when someone touches a contaminated surface, this makes the Defendo Antibacterial Paper an essential item for those who take hygiene and safety seriously. 

In contrast with antibiotics, microorganisms are unable to build up a resistance to silver-ion technology. As such, silver-ion technology continues to disrupt the growth of microorganisms by:

  • Preventing the growth of microorganisms by binding to their cell wall.
  • Stopping the microbe from producing energy by blocking enzyme production. 
  • Preventing DNA replication and new cell formation by disrupting the harmful cell’s DNA. 

Silver-ion technology dramatically reduces the risk of contamination in a diverse range of settings, including medical, hospitality and commercial to name a few. 




Key Benefits Of Defendo Antibacterial Paper 

The Defendo product line employs advanced antibacterial technology, so there are a number of unique key benefits consumers can expect from these reliable products. Defendo products are:

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial.
  • Highly absorbent and a strong antibacterial paper.
  • Certified for food contact – Defendo products are completely safe for use in the kitchen. The antibacterial paper is completely safe to use in contact with food, and is certified for food contact. 
  • Safe for contact with skin and are dermatologically tested. 
  • Available in a broad range of products, including kitchen towels, medical rolls, toilet paper and folded hand towels.   
  • Defend the user and the environment (as suggested by the brand name, ‘Eco Silver Paper’). All Defendo products are accredited by both the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 




Frequently Asked Questions


How Safe Is Silver-ion Technology?

Silver-ion technology is non-toxic and Phthalates free. It is based on antibacterial and antimicrobial technology that has been recognised for centuries as having no harmful effects and is used widely in medical, food and water applications.  


How Long Is The Antibiotic And Antimicrobial Treatment Effective For?

Defendo’s silver-ion technology is effective for the entire life of the product. This is because it is incorporated into the paper during the manufacturing process. It is therefore a part of the product and cannot be removed with any amount of wear and tear. Rather, it becomes an intrinsic element of the material. 


Defendo Is Now Stocked At Allets Online

Allets Online are proud to stock this technologically advanced product range. Disrupting and preventing the spread of harmful bacteria is increasingly pertinent. Keeping on top of hygiene is the best way to stay protected from potential infections and illnesses. The Defendo antibacterial paper products make this simple. Shop our range here, or contact our friendly team if you have any questions about our product range.