SHOCKING STATS: Why Paper Towels Keep Your Space 100 Times Safer Than Hand Dryers

Personal hygiene is a topic of global interest at the moment. With the spread of viruses and bacteria constantly on everyone’s mind, poor hygienic practises could be detrimental to the image of your business. On average, the germiest places are bathrooms, but did you know the small gap between washing your hands and how you dry your hands can massively impact how clean you are when you exit the room?

In most public restrooms there will be either one of two options on how to dry your hands – paper towels or an electric hand dryer. Both roughly cost the same amount to maintain, but paper towels are the clear winner of lowering the transmission of dangerous viruses.

Here is why it is in your business’s best interest to install a paper towel dispenser into all bathrooms:

It’s Safer
There have been several studies on how paper towels and hand driers affect the spread of bacteria and viruses. New independent research by leading microbiologists, Dr Patrick Kimmitt and Keith Redway of the University of Westminster showed that paper towels are the safest way to lower the spread of infectious cells.

From the three most popular hand drying methods: paper towels, a jet dryer and a warm air dryer, the researchers determined that both electric hand dryers produced over nine times more viral plaques than paper towels.

Jet dryers produced 60 times more virus cells than the warm air dryer and over 1,300 times more than paper towels. Both dryers propelled the infected cells significantly further than possible with paper towels.

Source: European Tissue

It’s Self-Contained
You can’t enforce good hygiene onto everyone. In an ideal world, most bacterias would be washed off people’s hands before they go to dry, but that’s not the case. Be it the no washers, the cold water rinsers, or the bad scrubbers – someone will spread bacteria around the bathroom.

In correct practice, a paper towel dispenser reduces cross-contamination, because the object a person touches is thrown out. Bathroom doors are also bacteria hotspots; paper towels allow people to open the door without exposing themselves to a second serving of potentially dangerous germs.

Hand dryers may quickly blast the water from your hands, but in doing so, they blast off lingering microbes which weren’t killed in the washing process and scatter them up to three metres in the air. Warm air dryers also may promote bacterial growth because bacteria thrive in warmer climates.

It Reduces Risk For Your Customers
Harmful viruses can survive anywhere from 15 minutes to several weeks on your hands if they are not properly washed. For example, herpes can survive for hours, the common cold can survive on a surface for up to a week and Rotavirus can survive up to a massive 60 days! At any point during these timeframes, the viruses could easily infect a person.

Paper towels significantly lower the number of viral plaques on surfaces and in the air. Lower numbers mean visitors to your restrooms are much less at risk of contracting a severe virus or disease.

What Do We Recommend?
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