Starbag AF-PV Pacvac Paper Vacuum Bags 10 Pack


  • Disposable paper bags
  • Provides better filtration
  • Protects the reusable bag from unwanted objects like broken glass
  • Suitable for Pacvac Superpro, Duo and more

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Starbag AF-PV Pacvac Paper Vacuum Bags 10 Pack. Use these with your backpack vacuum to offer extra filtration. These protect your reusable vac bag from damage from e.g broken glass and other unwanted sharp objects. Replace these bags when your old bag is at 80% capacity to ensure optimum performance.

Suits models:

Pacvac – SuperPro 700 / SuperPro Duo 700 / SuperPro Wispa 700 / SuperPro Trans 700 / SuperPro Battery 700

Alternative Brands:

Quickfit QC65 / QC700 / Unifit UNI191

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