Sani Kleen Antibacterial Laundry Powder


  • Low-temperature use; starting at 40C, saves energy.
  • Formulated with oxygen bleach and enzymes
  • Cleans and brightens across a wide range of fabrics and colours.
  • Suitable for top and front loaders, and all water conditions.
  • Disinfects and sanitises


Sani Kleen is a free flowing white crystalline powder fully formulated with oxygen donating bleaching agents, surfactants, sequestrants, powerful sanitising action and enzymes for cleaning and brightening across a wide range of fabrics and colours. This antibacterial laundry powder had been formulated for cleaning and disinfecting laundry in the food service industry, health care industry and any mix load washing where disinfection is vital.

Key Benefits:

Low temperature use; starting at 40 degrees, saves energy, tested to comply with AS4146 2000 and BS EN 1276: 1997, suitable for top load and front loading washing machines and all water conditions, contains substantive fragrances to leave garments smelling fresh and deodorised.


Add Sani Kleen to the wash cycle, ensuring it fully dissolves and does not clump on garments, as this can cause spot bleaching.

Use rates are quoted per kilogram of dry weight wash load.

Light Soils – 50g per 50kg dry weight wash load

Medium Soils – 100g per 50kg dry weight wash load

Heavy Soils – 200g per 50kg dry weight wash load

A wash time of 15 minutes is recommended, and for heavily soiled washing loads, a two step wash process may be required.

Technical Data

Material Family – Organic Material

Form – Crystalline Powder

Colour – White

Odour – Cologne

Solubility – Miscible in Water

pH – 10 – 11 (1% in solution)

Additional information

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