Sabco Sprinklear Complete Mop Set


  • Ready to use system
  • Complete unit with handle, rail base and pad
  • Blue, Red and Green available
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Sabco Sprinkler Complete Mop Set. The Sprinklear system from Sabco Professional is an in one cleaning tool for everyday use. No mops or buckets needed. This complete set has everything that you need to get going instantly. The fluid handle, the long reach hook and loop base and a colour-coded microfibre pad.

The Sprinklear Handle: 145cm in length. Unique Rubber head rests against walls without slipping. Holds up to 580ml of water. Press and hold the button for continuous flow or press and release for intermittent flow. Non-slip sponge grip.

Rail Base: Lightweight Aluminium Hook and Loop Base. Lock and Unlock system. Ideal for cleaning floors, ceilings and hard to reach areas. 40cm length.

MicroFX Snow Pad: 100% Microfibre pile. Suitable for any floor type. Highly chemical resistant. Colour coded to rail base.




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