Sabco Mixed Microfibre Cloths 8 Pack


  • 2 x blue, red, green and yellow
  • 280gsm
  • Thick and absorbent

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Sabco Mixed Microfibre Cloths 8 Pack, from the Sabco Professional range.

  • 36cm x 36cm dimension.
  • 280gsm.

Microfibre cloths come in different sizes and weights. The cloth with higher GSM is typically thicker. A cloth with a higher gsm will absorb more liquid than lighter gsm cloths. But being thicker and heavier might not necessarily be the best cleaning option, a lighter weighted cloth can be easier to control and may get into tighter spaces. It is general practice to fold a microfibre cloth in quarters for cleaning, so a heavier cloth may not be as easy to manage.

Most microfibres on the market fit between a range of 200 -380gsm.

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