Pro Blue Total Bathroom Cleaner


  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Charged with pro-active bacteria.
  • Charged with enzymes
  • Eliminates odours – removes the cause of odours.
  • Septic safe
  • User friendly – no corrosives. Non-poisonous
  • Phosphate free. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon).
  • Loaded with aromatic fragrance.
  • Value for money – lasts for weeks.
  • Concentrated formulation.
  • 2 Litres
  • Makes over 50 Ready to Use Sprays.
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Pro Blue Total Bathroom Cleaner is a probiotic cleaner – formulated with bacteria to provide enhanced cleaning power that keeps working long after you finish cleaning. Quick dry and low foaming. Boosted with gentle organic food acids and 3 different stain digesting enzymes. Pro Blue Total Bathroom Cleaner is highly effective and environmentally responsible. Naturally occurring microbes prevent the growth of odour producing bacteria, helping you to manage odours and deposit build-ups on surfaces and amenities in bathrooms. A healthy dose of food-grade citric acid ensures good removal properties for the typical bathroom soils including mineral scale, rust and soap scum. In bathrooms and amenities, most mould, soil and waste accumulates in the cracks and crevices, grout and pores where it can’t easily be cleaned.

Wiping with detergent only cleans at the exposed surfaces and misses the cracks and pores. Routine cleaning may not be able to remove mould, microbes, soap scum, uric acid, scale and faeces from the substrate, instead of spreading them over surfaces. Total Bathroom Cleaner is ideal to be used in conjunction with Pro Blue Tabs as the additional pro-active bacteria will assist in out populating other existing bacteria that give off unpleasant odours. Pro Blue is harmless to most surfaces compatible with water and rinses streak-free for a sparkling clean. As the mould, scale and soils are removed from the surface, the colour of the substrate will lighten, visually demonstrating Pro Blue is working.

Not recommended for use on marble surfaces and soft minerals that are acid sensitive.


Directions for use:

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Pro Blue with 20 parts water (40mL Pro Blue plus 710mL water = 750mL ready to use spray solution). Spray this solution liberally onto shower recesses, baths, tiles, grout, sinks, urinals, tap fittings, etc. Wipe excess liquid off with a cloth. For stubborn build-ups, allow contact time and agitate with a brush before wiping with a cloth.

Washroom Floor Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Pro Blue with 200 parts water (50mL Pro Blue per 10L water in a mop bucket). Apply with a mop – no need to rinse. For best results, dispose of any prepared ready to use solutions of Pro Blue after 2 weeks and prepare fresh solutions.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Pro Blue with 5 parts water (150mL Pro Blue plus 600mL water = 750mL ready to use solution). Pour or squirt product into the toilet bowl, directing product under the rim of the bowl. Agitate with a brush to ensure even coverage, allow a few minutes to penetrate, then flush or rinse with water.

Note: Cold or warm water only, do not use hot water

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