Pro Blue Odour Destroyer 5L


  • Readily biodegradable
  • Charged with bacteria-derived enzymes.
  • Odour eliminators – removes the cause of odours.
  • Easy to apply – just spray on odour affected surfaces and allow to dry.
  • Quick-dry technology for rapid evaporation.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Septic safe
  • User friendly – no poisons, no corrosives.
  • 5 Litres


Pro Blue Odour Destroyer is specially developed as a ready to use liquid accessory to the Pro Blue Urinal Tabs. Simply spray around urinals before the application of Pro Blue Tabs. The product is charged with bacteria-derived enzymes, which entirely consume the cause of unpleasant odours from their source. Removes odours safely and naturally. Pro Blue Odour Destroyer can be used in hotel rooms, washrooms, boats, cars, caravans, around the home, and anywhere odours may linger. It will not leave any residues – simply spray onto the surface where the source of the odour is located. Suitable for use on fabrics, hard surfaces and any other surface not affected by water.

Directions for use:

Multipurpose Spray Solution: Dilute 1 part Pro Blue with 1 part water (375ml Pro Blue plus 375ml water = 750mL ready to use spray solution). Spray this solution liberally onto surfaces surrounding urinals and troughs – tiles, grout, glass, painted surfaces and stainless steel. Great for spraying onto toilet bowls and surrounds. Leave to dry or wipe off excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth.

Mopping/Cleaning Solution: For best results, dilute 1 part Pro Blue with 2 parts water (1L Pro Blue plus 2L water = 3L ready to use solution). For light cleaning, dilute 1 part “Pro Blue with 5 parts water (1L Pro Blue plus 5L water = 6L ready to use solution).

Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 19 × 11 cm


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Pro Blue Odour Destroyer SDS