Medium Duty Cleaning Pad


  • Tough, durable and consistent
  • Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks
  • Wet scrubbing or medium duty spray cleaning


Medium Duty Cleaning Pad effortlessly removes heavy dirt and scuff marks from most floor surfaces, this cleaning pad is an excellent choice for wet scrubbing or medium duty spray cleaning. Durable construction ensures a tough, professional clean every time. Plus, it’s distinct blue colour makes it easy to distinguish between this pad and others in your floor care system.

Formulated with the proper amount of non-woven polyester, nylon fibre’s and abrasive grains to achieve maximum product performance. The bonding process of these fibre’s to blended together is done with a special resins and adhesives to make these floor pads tough, durable and consistent.

Shape: Round

Diameter: 24 inches

Colour: Blue

Floor Types: Hard Floors

Thickness: 1 inch

5 per box




Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 63 × 62 × 16 cm


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