Enzyme Wizard Grease and Waste Digester


  • Easy single-dose application.
  • Will not generate heat or corrode plumbing.
  • Naturally clears pipes and drains
  • Deodorises by attacking the organic source of odours.
  • Safely cleans clogged and problem drains, including floor drains, beverage tower drains, urinals and commodes.

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Enzyme Wizard Grease and Waste Digester treats and maintains drains and grease traps as well as augmenting bacterial strains in septic tanks. kitchen drains, showers, beverage towers, grease traps, urinals. The enzymes in Enzyme Wizard Grease & Waste Digester break down grease & odours into their basic elements. Carbon, hydrogen and other elements readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Plus, our enzymes completely remove odours.

How safe are enzymes?

These enzymes are formulated to be incorporated into the water at very low concentration levels and are therefore environmentally safe. All regulated components of the enzymes have been rigorously tested for human safety, biodegradability and aquatic safety.

How quickly will we see the results?

It doesn’t happen overnight. A biological process takes time. Enzymes are not an instant answer but are the lasting answer.

Enzymes will first soften any grease. Odours are treated more quickly – the bacteria in the system will produce odours while decomposing nutrients. Hydrogen Sulphide is the most infamous. Enzymes do not produce foul-smelling compounds. Instead, they use them in their unique metabolic process, thus an advantageous synergistic relationship is formed.

For how long are enzymes active?

Enzymes remain active for seven to ten days. After this time, the product will biodegrade and the residue will consist of carbon dioxide and water.

Directions for use:

Initial Application Directions:

  1. Initially pump out the grease trap. Once the grease trap is clean then add Grease and Waste digester directly into grease trap at a rate of 120ml per 370L of the grease trap.
  2. Dose the grease Trap with above dosages every three days, at the closest inlet to the grease trap.
  3. If there are odours coming out of the drains leading to the grease trap then dose down the drains that lead to the trap.


  1. Maintain the grease trap by dosing the recommended dosages as per the directions.
  2. Measure out 120ml using the Grease and Waste Digester twin-chamber measuring bottle supplied.
  3. Application rate for the Grease and Waste Digester is 120ml per 370ml size grease trap. This means that a standard 2000L grease trap would need 600ml of Grease and Waste Digester every day.
  4. The product is applied directly into the grease trap or the drain that is located closest to the grease trap.
  5. To keep drain lines odour free and clear add 120ml of grease and waste into drain line until the odour has gone or slow drain is now flowing freely.

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