DEFENDO 9240ESP V-Fold Hand Towel


  • High resistance and absorbancyEco Silver Paper
  • Gentle on your skin
  • 99% antibacterial
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Silver-ion technology
  • Certified for food contact
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DEFENDO 9240ESP V-fold Hand Towels. This innovative tissue is made with Eco Silver Paper® treated with active silver ion antibacterial technology. If you are serious about hygiene, the DEFENDO range of paper products are a must add to your current hygiene processes to ensure proper coverage from start to finish.

Respiratory viruses can be transmitted where someone touches a surface that has been contaminated. Recent studies show that current viral threats can remain viable on metal, glass, wood, textiles, plastic and paper surfaces from several hours to several days. DEFENDO allows paper products, like DEFENDO 9240ESP, that are exposed to high touch volumes to ‘self-sanitise’, without affecting the appearance or performance of the paper itself.

  • V-fold paper is a single fold
  • 2400 sheets per carton
  • 120 Sheets per pack
  • 20 packs per carton
  • 2 Ply paper
  • Sheet size 20.5cm x 22cm

Behind the silver-ion technology

The silver ions present within this paper continually work to prevent the growth of microorganisms, effectively reducing contamination levels on the surface of the paper from possible airborne contaminants. Unlike antibiotics, micro-organisms are unable to build up a resistance to the way in which silver ions disrupt their growth.
• Silver ions bind to the cell wall of the micro-organism; preventing the growth
• Silver ions interrupt enzyme production; stopping the microbe from producing energy
• Silver ions interrupt the cell’s DNA; preventing DNA replication and new cell formation

Is silver ion technology safe?


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