Custom Pearly Hand Wash


  • Added moisturisers
  • 100% Soap-free
  • Phosphate-free
  • Value for money
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Custom Pearly Hand Wash is a pearly thick liquid made from mild ingredients for hand hygiene and protection. White and pink pearly hand soap is pH balanced, your skin has a natural, slightly acidic moisture layer which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Typical alkaline soap products destroy this layer, leaving skin feeling dry.

Custom pearly wash is ideally suited to cleaning hands in food preparation operations, restaurants, farms, garden nurseries, child care centres, bathroom amenities, offices, public washrooms, gyms, caravan parks or council amenities and great for use around the home.

Pearly wash is made with a lotion formula, moisturisers to combat moisture loss, pH balanced, 100% soap free, biodegradable, pleasant fragrance, also incorporated is the well known active ingredient Chloro Xylenol (Dettol), which helps eliminate unwanted bacteria from the skin, this hand wash is phosphate free.

Pearly hand wash liquid is suitable for soap dispensers. Hand washing is your best protection against germs.

Available in sandalwood is a thick pearly white liquid.

Directions for Use of Custom Pearly Hand Wash:

Wet hands and apply one pump of pearly hand wash and later well for 60 seconds. Rinse hands well with clean water and dry with fresh paper towels or air dryer.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

SPECIFICATIONS                                 TYPICAL VALUES
APPEARANCE                                      Pearly – White
ODOUR                                                 Fragrant
ALKALINITY                                          None
pH                                                          6.5 – 7.5 @ 10% solution in water
FOAM HEIGHTS                                   Medium – High
PHOSPHATES                                      None present
BIO-DEGRADABILITY                          Readily Bio-degradable
SURFACTANT TYPE                            Anionic
SOLUBILITY                                         Complete in water

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