Clarity Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner


  • Multipurpose antibacterial detergent
  • Will clean a wide range of surfaces
  • Completely streak-free

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Clarity is a clear blue liquid with a pleasant fragrance, it is a dual action product for cleaning hard surfaces and as a window cleaner. This product has a powerful blend of detergents and decreasing agents to easily cut through grease and dirt while leaving a streak-free finish, with it’s unique antibacterial action it will kill and remove dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella.

Ensures maximum cleaning performance with a streak free finish on all spray and wipe surfaces such as, windows, mirrors, benches, cupboards, cooktops and many other appliances. This product is ready to use, so no premixing required.

Key Benefits and Features:

Multipurpose antibacterial, Cleans and deodorizes in one action, Safe on all cleanable surfaces, Combines powerful detergents and degreasing agents, Will clean effectively in heavy soiled conditions, Completely streak free, No glycol ethers impart a fresh lavender fragrance, Removes bacteria.

Directions For Use of Clarity:

Apply using a spray bottle, spray the multipurpose antibacterial onto the surface and using a lint free cloth or paper towel immediately wipe off.

Technical Data:

Material Family – Aqueous Formulation

Form – Clear Liquid

Colour – Blue

Odour – Lavender

Solubility – Miscible with Water

pH – 7 – 8

Do Not Mix With Other Detergents or Other Chemicals.


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