Brite N White Heavy Duty Laundry Powder


  • Contains active oxygen and enzymes
  • Fresh lemon fragrance
  • Anti-bacterial
  • For domestic and commercial use
  • For front and top loading machines
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Brite N White is a heavy-duty, lemon-scented, detergent powder for commercial and domestic washing machines – manufactured by the “spray-dried” method. Spray-dried means the powder remains light and fluffy and minimises clumping. It has been specially formulated to provide excellent results in all water conditions. This laundry detergent powder is carefully blended from selected ingredients to ensure it will remove normal soils along with most other stains. Active oxygen and enzymes to assist the product to take out stains in the wash. Optical brighteners and polymer additives ensure whites are whiter and colours are brighter

Key Benefits of Brite N White:

  • Removes stains – active oxygen
  • Fresh lemon fragrance
  • Anti bacterial – active oxygen
  • Septic safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Non corrosive
  • Spray dried formulation – fluffy and light
  • For domestic or commercial use
  • For front loading and top loading machines

Technical Information:

Appearance: White powder, green flecks

Odour – Floral Citrus

pH – 10.0 – 10.9 in 1% solution

Alkalinity – Medium 10-30% Alkaline salts

Foam heights – Medium

Phosphates – Present – Low levels

Bio-degradability – Bio-degradable

Surfactant Type – Anionic/Nonionic

Solubility – Complete in water

Directions for Use:

Domestic Machines:

Heavy Soiling/Hard Water – 1/2 to 1 cup per load

Light Soiling – 1/3 – 1/2 cup per load

Commercial Machines:

Heavy Soiling – 500g per 50kg load

Light Soiling – 250g per 50kg load

Laundry Advice:

The quantity required will vary depending on the nature and degree of soiling, as well as wash temperature.

Avoid tipping powder onto dampened clothes – sprinkle directly into wash water and dissolve fully before adding clothes.

Better results are always obtained with warm/hot water.  Read and follow garment washing instructions.

Wash colours separately

Not recommended for silks and woollens.

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