BioGreen Lemongrass Disinfectant


  • With cold-pressed thyme oil
  • Septic and Grey Water Safe
  • Bio-degradable
  • Multipurpose germicidal cleaner
  • Disinfect, clean and deodorise in one go.


Biogreen Lemongrass disinfectant is a multipurpose germicidal cleaner designed to perform three important functions with one application – disinfect, clean and deodorise. Boosted with cold-pressed lemongrass oil and thyme oil, Biogreen Lemongrass Disinfectant has been prepared from ingredients that have been carefully selected to maximise both ecological and operator safety.

Directions for use:

Safe to use on most surfaces compatible with water.

Dilute 1:25 with water. (200ml Biogreen to 5L clean water). Use to mop floors, wipes down walls, benchtops, bathroom fittings, sinks etc.

Do not mix with any other chemicals, soaps or cleaners.

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