Agar Super Nova Floor Sealer


  • Made with innovative polymer technology
  • Forms a tough film that holds shine without buffing
  • Will not discolour
  • Non-slip
  • Dramatically lifts floor shine
  • Saves time and money
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Agar Super Nova Floor Sealer is a super-glossy, rock-hard sealer which is the corner-stone of the Agar no-buff system. Agar Super Nova is designed for sealing vinyl, timber and terrazzo floors.

For Use On:

Super Nova is a non-slip sealer for vinyl, sealed timber and terrazzo floors. Because it repels scuffs, scratches and traffic marks and lasts exceptionally well, Super Nova is ideal for use on floors that are not buffed. In fact, floors can be maintained without a buffing machine when Super Nova is used.

Technical Properties:

Colour: Milky white liquid

Odour: Faint ammonia

pH: 9.0 ± 0.5

VOC Content: Super Nova contains less than 2 grams of Volatile Organic Compounds per litre. Super Nova, therefore, complies with “green” standards which require the VOC content to be less than7% (i.e., 70 grams per litre).

Slip Resistance: Super Nova passes the Slip Resistance Test under dry conditions as specified in AS/NZS 4586-1999. It gives a mean Dynamic Coefficient of friction of 0.75.

Directions for use:

Remove adhesive, built-up sealer or wax and other soilage using Agar Ultrastrip, Take-Off or STR-36. New floors should always be stripped prior to sealing. Whilst a new floor looks clean, it is covered in a protective film added at the time of manufacture. New floor sealer will not adhere to this film, so it must be stripped.

Rinse floor, allow to dry, then fringe-mop to remove dust.

Mop on 2-4 coats of Super Novaallowing 20-30 minutes to dry between coats, then allow to harden overnight.

Maintain floor by cleaning with Autoscrub. If the gloss wears down after a period of several weeks, clean the floor then apply another coat of Super Nova.

After six months, the floor may need to be stripped so the coating may be renewed.

Do not apply any sealer to a very cold floor (9°C or less).

Coverage:40 -50 sq metres per litre.

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Weight 5 kg
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