Agar Glass Wash Detergent 5L


  • For Automated Glass Washing machines
  • Removes beer, wine, lipstick and fingerprints
  • Satisfies requirements of Carlton and United Breweries
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Agar Glass Wash Detergent is a premium detergent and industrial strength cleaner for use in automated glass-washing machines. It will remove beer and wine residues, fatty finger marks, lipstick imprints and all other soilage from glassware, leaving them sparkling clean with no spots or streaks. GLASS WASH may be used with hard water without detracting from its performance.  Agar Glass Wash is a premium detergent for use in glass-washing machines. This product satisfies the requirements of Carlton and United Breweries for products used to clean beer glasses in Glass Washing machines.

Technical properties

Colour: Clear, colourless liquid

Odour: None

pH: 10.6 -11.6

Application for use:

GLASS WASH produces excellent results when used at a dilution rate of 15mLs per liter of water in the wash cycle. This dilution will remove the heaviest soilage from glassware. Lower rates, to 3mLs per liter, may be used when the glassware is lightly soiled and the water-supply is soft. Different makes of Glass Washing machine and the correct dilution rates are shown below:

Machine    –                        Model    –                                                Glass Wash Mixture

Aquamatic                              –                                                           1 Part Glass Wash plus 4 parts water

Dishlex                              Various                                                      Use undiluted

Walldorf                             Various                                                      Use undiluted

Eswood                CI,CI deluxe, IW, IW deluxe                                  1 Part Glass Wash plus 3 parts water then add to tank on the machine

Eswood                      CI3B, IW3, B42G                                            1 Part Glass Wash plus 3 parts water

Johnston                Junior Universal Glassmaster                             1 Part Glass Wash plus 3 parts water then add to tank on the machine

Red-e-clean                            –                                                          1 Part Glass Wash plus 3 parts water then add to tank on the machine

Norris                        B, D, E, E17, G, F, BT160                                1 Part Glass Wash plus 9 parts water

Results are also affected by the glass washer design and Factory settings for detergent volume. Consult the manufacturer of the machine if good results cannot be achieved.

Health Acts: The use of HOT WATER with detergent for washing glasses may be stipulated by State Health Regulations.

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