Agar Fresh Mop Scented Cleaner


  • Safe for use on sensitive surfaces
  • Rinse-free mopping
  • Effective in hot or cold water
  • Non-toxic and mild
  • Lemon scented
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Agar Fresh Mop Scented Cleaner is a lemon-scented neutral concentrated cleaner designed for cleaning polished floors with a mop. it provides a pleasant perfume without leaving any residual films on polished surfaces.

How it Works:

Agar Fresh mop is a cleaner that will remove fats, oils, dirt, spillages, vehicular road dirt, floor traffic, soils and spills of all kinds from all hard surfaces, polished floors, tiles, fittings, windows, ducting, walls and paintwork. Agar Fresh Mop is safe on terrazzo, marble and slate, cars and trucks. It is ideal for any surface not harmed by water.

Key Benefits:

  • Highly active, mildly alkaline detergent – Dilutes up to 1:80.
  • Safe for use on sensitive surfaces.
  • Ideal for mopping – rinse free.
  • Effective in hot or cold water.
  • Based on regrowable raw materials.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Economical, non-toxic and mild.
  • Versatile and leaves lingering perfume.

Technical properties:

Colour: Mobile red liquid

Odour: Fresh lemon scent

pH: 9.5 ± 0.5

Foam: Good foaming levels with high foam stability

FRESH MOP is a clear red liquid containing a blend of biodegradable non-ionic and anionic detergent concentrates to
penetrate and remove both organic and inorganic soils. It also contains a high percentage of essential lemon oils to produce a
fresh citrus fragrance, together with water softeners and colour. It lifts greasy soils and rinses them clear away

Directions for use:

For general cleaning of floors, walls, glass etc: Dilute 1 part of Fresh Mop with from 40 to 80 parts of water, depending on the soiling. This is about 2/3 cup per wringer bucket of water.

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