Agar Citrus Extra Carpet Pre-Spray


  • For domestic and commercial carpeting
  • Safe on all carpets
  • Works on stain-resistant nylons
  • Excellent cleaning power
  • Environmentally responsible
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Agar Citrus Extra Carpet Pre-Spray is a fast-acting, biodegradable, pre-spray detergent designed for use on all types of carpet. Agar Citrus Extra is diluted and then sprayed directly onto the carpet. It is then extracted with clean water. Based on natural orange oils which have a strong cleaning action and a pleasant fragrance. Citrus Extra’s excellent cleaning power provides great economy of use and does away with the need for detergent or additives in the solution tank or the feed lines of truck-mounted units. Citrus Extra is a free rinsing cleaner, so after pre-spraying, one pass with water in the wand is all it takes to clean and revive the carpet. Being a low-alkaline pre-spray, it is safe to use on carpets in trains, boats and planes and will not affect aluminium, fibreglass or painted surfaces. It is also less likely to cause skin irritations.

For use on:

Citrus Extra is designed for use on all types of carpet including hard to clean, low-cost acrylics, new generation, stain-resistant nylons and pure wool or wool blend carpets as well as Persian rugs, bleeders and printed carpets. Citrus Extra is diluted and then sprayed directly onto the carpet.

Technical Properties:

Citrus Extra contains biodegradable surfactants that have been derived from naturally grown plant crops including sugar and coconuts. The formula also includes orange oils, citrates and stabilizers.

Colour: Yellow transparent liquid

Odour: Mild

pH: 9.75 ± 0.25 at 1 in 20 dilution

Foam: Low foaming

Directions for use:

Remove litter from carpet and vacuum if necessary. Move furniture or place foil under legs. Dilute CITRUS EXTRA as follows and spray directly onto the carpet.

For light to medium soilage: 1 part CITRUS EXTRA in 30 parts water

For heavy soilage: 1 part CITRUS EXTRA in 20 parts water.

Do not add any chemicals to the extraction tank. Use only warm water and extract the carpet after a dwell time of 3-5 minutes (55°C for stain-resistant carpets and 70-75° for all others. Cold water may be used satisfactorily if warm water is not available.)

Avoid overwetting the carpet. Allow carpet to dry as quickly as possible, provide ventilation where possible.

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