Agar Amazon G4 Carpet Powder Detergent


  • Comprehensive dirt and spot removal
  • Pleasantly perfumed
  • Very economical
  • Low foaming
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Agar Amazon G4 is a concentrated powder detergent for carpet cleaning with hot water extraction machines. It has a very powerful cleaning action that gives brilliant results even on the most heavily soiled carpets. Agar Amazon G4 has a multi-faceted cleaning action so that it separates soil from the fibres, disperses solid particles, emulsifies oils, sequesters hard water ions, dissolves water-soluble matter, suspends dirt and saponifies fatty materials.

Amazon G4 contains a blend of premium ingredients, including biodegradable Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate non-ionic surfactants blended with state-of-the-art low-foaming anionic surfactants which rapidly attack dirt and oils so they can be drawn away from the fibres. The buffered alkalinity provided by Amazon G4 imparts a sustained attack on fatty soils. Sequestering agents are present to bind with hard-water ions and solid particulate soilage, keeping these soils in suspension.

The net result is a cleaning solution that keeps a wide variety of soilage materials dissolved and suspended so they can be extracted out of the carpet by the wet-vacuum recovery process. Defoamers and low-foaming surfactants are employed to ensure that foam will not accumulate in the recovery tank. This increases productivity by reducing the down-time associated with emptying the recovery tank.

Amazon G4 is easy on pumps, valves and heater elements because it contains corrosion inhibitors to protect metallic surfaces. It will also not affect plastic or neoprene seals and hoses. It is ideal for use in both truck-mounts and portable extraction machines. If there is any residue of Amazon G4 left on the carpet fibres, it will dry to a friable, non-oily, crystalline solid that will be collected by the dry-vacuuming that is part of normal maintenance. This means that Amazon G4 does not contribute to re-soiling and the freshly-cleaned carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

For use on:

Amazon G4 is suitable for use on all carpets, but it is recommended that wool carpets be neutralised in the final rinse after Amazon G4 has been used. Pre-test the Amazon G4 solution on an inconspicuous area to ensure colour-fastness. This is essential before cleaning upholstery fabrics because alkaline products can cause some upholstery fabrics’ dyes to run and some cotton to turn yellow.

Technical Properties:

Colour: Yellow moist powder

Odour: Rose perfume

pH: 11 to 11.5 at 1% solution; 10.8 at 1 in 300

Foam: Low foam height

Directions for use:

Portable machines –for every 25 litres of hot water, use:40 grams (¼ cup) Amazon G4 for light soil 80 grams (½cup) Amazon G4 for medium soil 160 grams (1 cup) Amazon G4 for heavy soil (This is from 1 in 625 to 1 in 150). Pre-dissolve all of the powder in the hot water prior to adding the solution to the tank. To do this, measure out the powder and add it to the hot water. Stir well for 30 seconds. Leave it for 5 minutes, then stir well again. This method will ensure that the powder dissolves completely.

Truck-mounted machines –use 0.4 to 1.67 kg (2 ½ to 10 cups) of Amazon G4 per 25 litres of water. These quantities are intended for machines that dilute this solution to approximately 1 in 10.

The 10kg pack of Amazon G4contains a plastic scoop which holds 70ml. Note that 3 1/2 scoops = 1 cup.

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