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As an unfortunate result of La Niña hanging around (It’s in its second year already and The Guardian are predicting it could well move into a third in 2023) and providing extra rainfall for 2022, many Australians (and particularly Queenslanders) are dealing with the issue of how to remove mould at home.

Mould is a type of fungus that lives on plant and animal matter – its growth is generally brought on by damp and humid conditions, water leaks or flood damage.

Holly Jones, a researcher in the healthy housing unit at Melbourne University’s school of population and global health, was quoted in the ABC discussing the health ramifications of living in a house affected by mould:

“There’s always mould in every house, but it needs dampness to grow, and there’s a lot [of dampness] at the moment because of the floods and rain,” Ms. Jones said.

“What causes illness is certain species of mould being more concentrated … so by keeping your house dry, you’re keeping that in check.”

How to Remove Mould

Mould can show as a stain, smudge, or a discoloured section on everything from clothing, walls to furniture – and its effects on the human and animal respiratory system can include wheezing, coughing, watery eyes, congestion, or even respiratory infections. It’ll exacerbate asthma and allergic conditions as well – so this really is something you should keep on top of at your place, whether you own or you’re renting.

Mould is quite inexpensive to remove, let’s take a look at Allets recommendations – for the vast majority of mould cases, all you need is water, vinegar, a spray bottle, and a microfibre cloth! This environmentally friendly way to clean means you can avoid harsh chemicals, kill bacteria and germs, and keep your house safe without compromising your health.

Mould Removal Products

In many cases, vinegar is the best way to remove mould in your home. It’s cheap, effective, and 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water means you’ll be able to remove mould and mildew in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere the damp has managed to get in! Simply mix it into your spray bottle, spray onto walls, and gently wipe off. To clean mouldy clothes, try soaking them in warm water with a few tablespoons of white distilled vinegar added.

If any mould reappears in the coming weeks try to attack it quickly so it doesn’t have a chance to grow again. If you’re not having any luck with Vinegar (it removes ~80% of mould) then please give bleach or borax a try.

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